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3 years ago

Contour Stream Player

I went down and exchanged my contour DVR and the mini/satellite as I was told they where outdated. When I came home I noticed the new satellite box is now a pure streaming? That isn't what I wanted.  I looked it up and it said this thing used up our data cap, I get if that if you actually streaming things from like amazon prime, but what about watching recordings from the DVR, like you could the old ones, does that eat up Data too even though its been recording?

To sum up, old mini/satellite could just read (from the coaxial cable) the main DVR and I could watch the DVR recordings on my old mini box. Now with this streaming how is this going to be possible (watching the recordings from my DRV on my new "streaming" and with out eating up my data? 

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    What are the make and model numbers of the equipment Cox issued you?

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      I can't get to them atm. One is the contour box (dvr) the other is the contour stream player, Xixa6 (something like that for memory). My question is does the stream player eat up data if I watch recordings form it. From what little information I have found I have see conflicting answers.

      Forgot they showed them on the cox site. 

      The DVR is  AX013NM

      the stream is PXD06AEI