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7 years ago

Contour remote problem with Smart TV

Just got the Contour 2 with the associated XR11 remotes yesterday.  Had a problem with manual recordings (I like to record & watch sporting events in halves or periods) or, if I see a boxing broadcast and want to save one of the fights, I set up a manual recording.  Found out on this forum that this DVR does not have that capability.  Website and tech support were no help - referred me to manual recording on Advanced TV.

1) I have a Samsung Smart TV.  When you turn on the TV and the cable box is on it knows that you want to watch TV so it turns on to a a screen that has the picture of what's playing on the cable box that then it gets highlighted and, on the TV remote, I press on the touchpad to select the highlighted box.  I have a universal remote that worked with my prior Motorola DVR - when you selected "Watch TV" it sent a signal that turned on the cable box, the tv, and selected the highlighted box.  I tried all the codes for Samsung TVs but none worked to turn on the TV and select the highlighted TV box (several turned off and adjusted volume OK). Does anyone know a remote code to try or is there I change a setting on the TV to automatically turn on to TV?

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  • Hi kenatcapo,

    Have you attempted the Samsung Smart TV codes found on our website as a resource?