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Contour recording play back lagging and choppy.

We have had this cloud based DVR for months now and it is progressively getting worse.  Programs loose sound, jump and skip video. fast forward the timeline moves but the picture lags behind so you cannot stop on the right spot to watch your show.  I have tried to power cycle my boxes and reset my modem but it still does this. This problem occurs during play back so I do not see how my internet speed (which currently runs at optimal speeds) or my boxes (which are all properly connect and conduct all other functions within my home network of cable and internet) could be the problem. It seems as though the recording that is stored in the cloud does not have the appropriate upload speed when attempting to send it back to my network for streaming/viewing. 
This problem did not exist when we first purchased the top package with panoramic WiFi and maximum multiple program recording capabilities, however has progressed over the last year or two and has become unbearable. 
can someone smarter than me please tell me what the current upload speed is for recording being sent back to my home. I live in Scottsdale AZ. 

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    is it certain channels?  Like ESPN or disney?

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    Hi @Maria V
    I can relate to what's going on, and I want you to be able to watch your recorded shows without interruption. Is this issue happening on only one box or all of your boxes? And if it is happening on only one box is it a wireless box?
    Ben S.
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