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8 months ago

Contour loses Focus

Contour loses focus

     I first noticed it early in November while watching sports competitions. It was like the camera taking a second to focus. But it also happens to the text overlay which is not part of the camera focus. Checking father, it's also in news and entertainment shows which are not as distracting. It can last a second or as long as maybe 10 seconds. One game went about 45 minutes with no problems, then several occurrences in the next few minutes.

    It's not actually a focus problem, it's a resolution problem. Like dropping to analog standard resolution video. A 15 second rewind at that period is OK. It's like a buffer going empty. Maybe the communications to the 'cloud' for the video has to go thru the 'fog' first.

   Two other recent problems (but not the first time)

1] a simple Forward or Reverse request sometimes causes the show to restart at the beginning.
2] Contour sometimes stops recording before the game ends.

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  • Hello Speedskater, 


    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing any focus issues with your Contour cable box. Please provide your cable box model number. It may help the forum members to assist you better. Also, please feel free to reach out to us via our Social Media channels for support: Twitter CoxHelp, or Facebook. You may also contact us through our Live Chat Support Teams:


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