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5 years ago

Contour Limits Recording Extension to 1.5 hours!

Sports Fans I NEED YOUR HELP!  I have just been forced to upgrade from the "ROVI DVR" to the latest Contour system.  And as of 10/20/2019 it is not possible to extend a recording on this DVR by more than 1.5 hours beyond the scheduled time.  This arbitrary and unnecessary limitation means that one can no longer count on seeing the end of a Baseball game, hockey game, tennis match, golf tournament, etc. Am I the only one who sees the dire predicament we are now in?  Is anybody reading this planning on recording the Masters Golf tournament next April? Would you be at all upset if the recording ended on the 15th hole with 3 or 4 superstars tied or near the lead on Sunday?  PLEASE contact this company and make them aware of this surprising design oversight.

It's bad enough that this thing doesn't have its two tuners simultaneously (and without any additional setup) acquiring an hour and a half of buffered content that we can pause and swap back and forth in an effort to avoid commercials. Those of you who were clever enough to figure that out on those old boxes know what I'm talking about. It was fantastic capability to have. 

You know what to do.  Call these clueless guys and get this fixed before the hockey playoffs start.  Thank you.

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    If you need to extend recording for a sports event longer than what Contour allows, you can get a workaround by just recording all or a portion of the next program on that channel.

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    i don't believe you'll find that but i've recorded 5+ hour sessions on the tour de france but then it was scheduled for 5+ hours.

    it's not a cox issue if the game goes over on the scheduled time.

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      However it is a COX issue that we can only extend it for 1.5 hours , why not at least three like the Rovi system had or longer if we choose?

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        @Hogsno1fan, I have submitted feedback to our Video Escalations Team, to see if this change can be implemented sometime in the near future. We appreciate your feedback, and we value your continued devotion to our services. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator