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5 years ago

contour is not good

We just had to upgrade to contour and it's terrible. I've had to reprogram the remote 3 times, the picture is blurry and pixelated. The guide **, most of the titles are cut off. i hate the contour box.

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  • Hello. Are you experiencing this issue with all channels or just one? Also, please unplug the power from the box for 2 mins and then plug it all back up. Please let us know if there is any change or is the issue continues. Thanks, Allan -Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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    These are reissued boxes and supposedly bench-checked.  However, my first HD receiver had a dead HDMI port and my first eMTA had no power receptacle.  If I shook the eMTA, I could hear the receptacle clanging inside.

    Cox issued you another subscriber's problem(s).  Keep the "chain letter" alive by exchanging.