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2 years ago

Contour Freezes

I see many posts about Contour Freezes. None of the posts sound like my problem, but they ham have the same root cause.  I have experienced Freezes for over a year.  They occur when I am in Contour "Recordings."  The Freeze lasts for one minute and then a reset occurs.  During that one minute, the remote can do nothing.  I can't open a recording, start a recording, exit from Contour or get any remote function to work.  No buttons on the remote work for one minute and then after a minute, the system apparently resets, and I can start the recording or exit from Contour.  The remote starts working again, and the only fix was time.

I don't have a weak signal of low remote battery power.  This isn't associated with the wiring or the equipment. I have had service calls, but the technicians can't find any problems with anything associated with the wiring, equipment or signal strength.  I have switched boxes and had more reboots than Texas. I think the problem is a Contour routine or a bad line of code that causes the freeze and it resets after a minute.  I complain frequently, and hope Cox will try to solve their Contour problem.  I just don't know where to get help for this problem.

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  • @Recording With Contour 2, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this concern to so we can look into this issue on your behalf. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.