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5 years ago

Contour Favorites change from 24 hour delay of new program to be watched now has missing episodes.

It now appears that Contour app for recently played on air episodes have changed from a 24 hour delay to deliberate removal of episodes to be viewed.

For example - CBS Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods both have missing episode 4 that showed on air 18 Oct 2019. It is now 20 Oct 2019 and those episodes are missing on the Contour App.

I pay Cox Communications for the Contour App and the ability to watch programs later when I can not view them live.  

Over the last few years this issue seems to be getting worse. I have stopped watching programs - especially new programs - because of missing data on Contour.

I have written CBS and they state the problem is with Cox Communications and Cox Communications has written saying it is a problem with CBS.  

I have been very tempted to quit Cox and go elsewhere because Cox reps convinced me to ditch my DVR for the Contour App.  

I see the missing programs not only on CBS but many other channels. And the missing material sometimes comes back then sometimes disappears again. 

With the increasing prices of Cox Communications Contour service and less reliability of Contour service - I would really like to know what the real problem is.  

Can anyone be honest enough to let me know?

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    Hello, It would be disheartening to see you leave the Cox family. Are you referring to episode 4 from Season 10 of both Hawaii Five-O and Blue Bloods? The Contour App pulls information from On Demand. Cox does not create On Demand content, as the content is provided by the broadcaster. We are not able to make the content available to customers until after we have received it. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator