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Contour DVR cutting off show endings.

My Contour DVR package cuts off the ending of just about every show I record. I indicate to start and stop on time, but 98% of the shows have at least 30-60 seconds cut off at the end. Changing the stop time to go over 3 minutes (the shortest overtime option there is), doesn't help when recording two shows on the same channel back-to-back.  I've tried every combination of changing the recording times, and nothing helps.  Cox's DVR should be intelligent enough to sync up with the programs, as far as time of showing goes, so I'm really puzzled by this "unintelligent" behavior.  I pay way too much for my cable, and to be routinely disappointed because I can't ever see the end of a show is quite disappointing.  May be time to cut the cord!  Anyone else having this same issue?  

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  • Hi Drogon,

    We’d be happy to investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please email our team at with this post, your full name, and complete address. Also, please include recorded name titles, date and time of recording, and if the recording was part of a series recording.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator