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7 years ago

Contour 2 Power Preferences

Looking at the power preferences on my contour 2 box (HD, not dvr) it says I can instantly power down the box by pressing the all power button on my remote. When I tried it, it only powers down my tv and soundbar. Even unpairing the remote and putting it back in IR mode doesn't power down the box. What can I do to power down all my devices at once including the cable box as the old boxes used to power off was well.

Also, is it possible to downgrade to contour 1 as the box also powers off with the tv?

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  • Hi MoodyPing, the function of the Power and ALL POWER buttons on Contour 2 remotes varies between host and client receivers. A Contour 2 receiver that is powered down is actually in Power Save mode. Learn more about the power settings for Contour 2 receivers at I believe downgrading to Contour 1 is an option at this time. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Well my box is just an HD box (XG2) and how can I downgrade without having to pay a 20 dollar fee for shipping or by going to the store as I am far

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        Hi MoodyPing, we can help you with that. Please reach out to us via our Facebook page, your Twitter page, or email us your information to We'll review your account and go from there. -Thanks, Carol