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6 years ago

Contour 2 Over-Night Update Issue

My Contour 2 system has begun acting quirky during the "over night" update sessions. The host receiver updates just fine but one or both of the two client receivers very often do not fully sync with the host (program guide and Contour menu will not display, last channel selected freezes, etc). However, if I call for a full connection reset via the Cox support toll free number, all three devices sucessfully reboot and sync just fine. Has an issue like this ever arisen before?

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  • I have not heard of this specific issue yet. Does it look like all of the Contour 2 boxes in your home are actually rebooting when the nightly update/reboot goes through?

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      Thanks for the reply Brian. Of late the nighty reboot has been having mixed results. Most of the time the reboot command is not getting through to the clients leaving them in undefined states when the host comes back up.  Last night not even the host successfully completed its reboot. I had a valuable phone troubleshooting session with the Cox technician. The connection reset command she sent did result in host reboot but not the clients. She suggested I try swapping out the host which I plan to do today.