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6 years ago

Contour 2-Erase a watched program

Upon watching a recorded program, I used to be able to click on an "erase" button.  With Contour 2, I see no such button.   So I have to go back into recorded shows and erase from that screen.  Isn't there an easier, more direct way?

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  • Hi Leaping Lizard, when you are finished watching a recorded show, hit the Exit button on your remote control. The Recordings menu will be displayed, with the recorded content you were watching displayed at the top. Pressing the Right Arrow button on the remote one time will highlight the delete function (displayed as a circle with an "X" in it). Press OK, and another message will prompt you, just to ensure that you want to permanently delete the recording. "Delete Now" will be highlighted, so press OK to delete the recording. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    If you are still watching the recorded program, you can press the D button (below page down) and you will get the option to delete.