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3 years ago

Contour 2 DVR timing issue

Why do my DVR programs start early and end early.  I cannot continually alter programs I DVR to end at a later time (i.e. 3 minutes late) due to overlapping schedules.  Many programs I DVR cut off before the end of the show, leaving me hanging.  This is very frustrating.  It is obvious that the inner clock on the DVR is not in sync with the regularly scheduled programs.  I've seen other dialogues in the past regarding this issue with no solutions given.  I appears that there is a defect with the DVR's with the time setting, which is not accurate.  Please advise.

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    Hi @cox,

    I can certainly understand your concern. Currently, the DVR is set to record at the specific time slot that is set up as opposed to when the show actually starts. The best way to combat that currently is by setting the recording to extend beyond the end time. We see it most frequently with sporting events that run longer than anticipated. For help with that, you can use this link. . I will also provide your feedback to our video team as I understand that it is not a perfect system.

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      Here's an example of another customer with the same issue:

      The time on the DVR is about 1 min ahead of the time on the program guide. That makes my recordings end 1 min earlier. The workaround is set EVERY recording to stop 1 minute later. This is not an ideal solution. Anyone know of a way to sync the Contour DVR time with the program guide? Cox support has been unable to provide anything other than reset the DVR, which I've done.