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7 years ago

Contour 2 DVR shutdown gone

I noticed that recently when I shut off my TV my Contour DVR did not shut off.  There used to be an HDMI connection shut down with TV option under LABS and now it's gone.  I have a bad lipsync issue with my soundbar if running HDMI from my TV, so I have to run a separate audio fiber cable directly from my DVR to my soundbar.  There really ever has been a shutdown on this DVR which is really annoying but it used to have that option.  When it sensed the TV was shut off it would shut off.  I now have to manually shut off the box with the button on the front.  If I don't, my soundbar will kick back on because of the direct connection.  Is there any way to shut down the DVR from the remote or any other way?  I sure can't find it.

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  • The only current way to shut off the Contour 2 box through the remote is by pressing the Contour button> Settings > Power Preferences > Power Down Now (A bit tedious, but it does shut the box off)
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      Do you know why they took that feature away under LABS to turn the box off when the TV got turned off......or more importantly if it will be coming back.  It doesn't make sense that you can't turn off the box with remote

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        Any features listed under Labs are testing options and are subject to be removed without notice. -Colleen