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2 years ago

Contour 2 DVR B ad Disk?

Contour 2 DVR records a show but in the middle of playback it will freeze and then switch to the delete program screen.  It looks like a hard drive bad sector problem to me based on my computer experience.  Sometimes I can restart the recording and fast forward to a couple of minutes after the bad spot and continue the playback.  Has anyone else seen this problem?

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    how often does it happen?  are you sure the show recorded without signal errors?

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      At this point the way I have dealt with it is by not deleting the recording that produced the error.  If I delete it some future recording will do the same thing.  I've noticed the same symptom multiple times in the last year, >10.  So far not deleting that one recording seems to have contained the problem.  I have a great deal of experience with computers and hard drives.  All of my experience points to a bad/weak sector on the hard drive.  It would be nice if they had a tool in the settings that would let you scan the drive and reallocate bad sectors.