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Contour 2 box won’t come back on

Connected via HDMI to Yamaha receiver, which then connects to Samsung QLED via HDMI/ARC.

Identical system in another room works fine with a mini box.

When I turn the system off and then on again after several minutes, it works fine. However, when left off overnight, the box won’t wake up and it needs to be rebooted either via holding the power button or unplugging and re-plugging power.

The box is new (yesterday) because the prior box exhibited the same behavior.  Did I just get another bad box, or is this a systemic problem following the overnight “refresh”?

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • I'm sorry that you are having this trouble. When the box fails to turn on what is displayed on the tv screen?Is there an error message or numer?

    Greg P
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    Do you turn off the problematic cable box?  Meaning, the Mini Box stays powered but does this other box get turned off?

    Just to clarify, you have 2 exact Yamaha receivers and Samsung TV sets?  The only difference between the 2 "systems" is the cable box?