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Contour 2 Box is garbage.

I just have to say this Contour 2 box is a piece of garbage. Ever since getting the new box about a month ago I have to restart it every 2 days otherwise is take 5 - 10 seconds to move around the guide or my recorded programs. Tonight I just spent 35 minutes getting it back online. We just finished watching a recorded show and went to choose another one and got a message that something went wrong and our only choice was to restart interrupting currently recording programs. This is completely unacceptable especially since costs go up and we as customers for over 15 years dont get the same deals as new customers. No wonder more people are cutting the cord.

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    I have had Cox for over 30 years. I would love to be able to get the as good a deal as a new customer.

  • John_ Enfield,

    This is not the experience we expect for you to have. Please email with a link to this thread, your complete street address and the details of the trouble you're having so we can take a closer look. -Colleen D. Cox Forums Moderator