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Contour 2 asks me to name the box

Several times, when I turn on my TV and box, the screen asks me to name the location, meaning, I assume, the name of the box. I can't do anything else until I select a name and the enter button.

I'm not sure why I am asked this, since I have only one box and don't know of anything that might access the box other than the remote.

Can anyone explain what's going on and if there is a way to keep from being prompted to name it? It doesn't happen often, but it has happened several times since it was installed.

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  • Hi Charles50,

    You can name the receiver by going into the Contour 2 receiver settings. Here's how:

    Power on the TV and Cox receiver.
    Press the CONTOUR button on the RX-11 remote.
    Highlight the Gear Icon and press the OK button.
    Highlight Device Settings, press OK.
    Highlight Device Name, press OK.
    Choose a name from the drop down list, press OK.

    Once this step is taken is it saving the name, or is the TV screen showing a different menu than the one you see when completing these steps?

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    I have the same issue as the OP. I tried these steps with no change in the results.  Sometimes when I power on the box, it asks me to name it.  This does not happen every time.  When it does happen, it is after it's been in power-saving mode.  Though, again, not every time it's in the power-saving mode does it happen.  I've also tried to manually power the box down via the menu to reproduce the issue without success.  Otherwise, it doesn't seem as though anything else is affected.

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    I have 4 total, 3 are the HD/DVR receivers and 1 is a mini box.  Only the main HD/DVR box is asking me to name it upon power-on (mostly in the morning, after a long shutdown period it seems).

  • Hello,

    Are you unplugging the power or tuning off the outlet that the box is plugged into at night? If not, this could be an issue with the box. If that is the case, then please send us an email with your full address to so we can help. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • Yup. One of my many box replacements asked me to name it every single day.

    Want another surprise? Set your picture and sound formats. (e.g. 1080p/5.1 sound).

    Check again next day.


    Rinse and repeat.

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    I have the same issue. I only have 1 DVR and a mini box. Happens every time the dvr goes into  power saving mode. Besides asking for the location name each time, the video settings are reset to default. Maybe more but those are the 2 I have to fix after the power save. Wish I could just turn the power save off.

  • dmc15514

    Were you able to try the instructions given by DustinP above, from January 12th? If you haven't please give those instructions a try and let us know how that works.

    Cox Social Media Support Specialist

  • It's been widely reported here, and I had it happen myself.

    The only people who are not clued-in are Cox's support people.

    You CAN turn the power save off. You should also turn off HDMI-CEC. However, when you do so, you will not be able to control your TV volume with the RF remote. You could still program the remote to use IR to control your TV or AV Receiver volume, though.

    I don't understand "let us know how it works". Cox deploys the boxs. They have plenty of them to try things out on. Why don't they?

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    So, after moving this over to email support (which wasn't great -- at about 12-16 hours round-trip time for responses).  They sent a reset signal to my DVR and it seemed to "fix" it for a little while.  Though, now over the last few days it is happening more frequently than it was before (even after just a short power-saving time just over 1 hour, or so).   I only post this for those thinking it can be fixed, it doesn't seem it can be.  Seems a fairly small issue to resolve, no idea why there's no solution yet.  This is my first experience with cable for many, many years.  Maybe this is why I left it years ago?