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7 years ago

Contour 2 - disappointed how many features that were easily available in Record 6 are missing

Had Record 6 with 3 receivers for about 3 years. Started having audio and video skipping and freezing, so swapped to Contour 2 on advice from Cox tech.

Like taking a step backwards.

Voice control is gimmicky (like Siri on my iPhone which I rarely use)

Picture and audio are definitely degraded from Record 6 boxes on my 4K 65" with soundbar. I've played around with ALL the video and audio settings in the Contour 2 menus, and I can't get it back to the quality of the Record 6 (and I have an Apple TV and Blu Ray player that are still working great with my current TV and soundbar settings, so I definitely don't want to mess with those settings).

On Demand video and audio quality are even worse. Video stutter, and audio not synced.

I can also no longer program the remote to control my Apple TV (old Record 6 remote controlled 4 devices:  cable box, TV, soundbar, and Apple TV).

Have to press "ok" after entering a channel.

Guide no longer has a thumbnail video.

"Last" button no longer just takes you to last channel - have to see and scroll through your last 10 channels.

Volume button on remote is in an inconvenient location.

Clock display small, and is either too bright, or not bright enough, from those settings.

NO CLOCK on receiver boxes.

So far, I'm at 2 thumbs down, and seriously considering switching back to Record 6, as long as they are still available.

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