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5 years ago

Contour 1 vs contour 2

  • I have looked on the website but I can't seem to find anything that compares contour 1 and contour 2.  Before I upgrade I would like to see the differences including all the apps that are available on contour 2.

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    If you want apps or a voice remote, Contour 2 is your only choice.

    For recording and playback, Contour 1 provides some features that I don't believe are available with Contour 2.  These include the 7 second skip back button, mute button, closed caption button, guide animation (allows all of long titles to be viewed), setting to change guide text size, front panel display options (time, channel or DVR), a range of early and late start and end record time options and the ability to Change Network Status  to Visible or Invisible.

    Contour 2 provides apps and its own unique capabilities.  There are probably many unique Contour 2 features, but I'm not familiar with that platform.  I read that recorded programs may be sorted alphabetically or by most recent.  Contour 1 recorded programs may be sorted by most recent for all recordings individually or be grouped by program (with number of recorded episodes) and be sorted by the most recent episode of each program.  When grouped, the desired episode is accessed by selecting the program, then the episode.

    Contour 1 is probably more user-friendly for recording and playback than Contour 2 and might be a better fit if you don't need or want a voice remote or apps.  I would also suggest Record 6 DVR is worth the extra cost because it eliminates a lot of recording conflicts.  And, I would avoid cloud recording (based upon forum user comments).

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      CurtB....I have 2 Contour2 boxes, not the hub/client setup.  I was able to re-program the page up/down from the fixed 5min to a 10sec up and 5sec down.  I use these buttons for Live or recorded shows, instead of the Fast Fwd. There is a mute button, an A for Help and D for Delete show.  I don't use CC or guide animation.  What you reminded me was the fact that I cannot do a series record that starts at a different time than when the New Eps starts.  I could do this with the older DVR's.  Some series programs have repeats, either at a later time or day.  If I wanted to record on the repeat time, I have to do a single manual record and not a series.  This happened when there was a record time conflict.  The 6 record machine would take care of this, mine is a 2 record DVR.

      I do use Prime Apps and the Free Starz (given for 1yr when I was asked to update).  I'm sure Contour1 has Apps interface.  I do occasionally use the Voice remote and the quick search...instead of pressing each letter, you just press each number on the remote and the a icon programs set appear based on the letters under each number....kinda weird looking screen.

      As to the alphabetically sort in the recorded shows...if the list is long, pg up/down.  I'm not sure about whether I can fix a sort.  My list is not long because I usually delete after watching. And yes, when grouped, you can pick any previous show already recorded.  There is a feature to check Previous Episodes which is neat for documentaries or Ancient Aliens pgms .. Unfortunately, older episodes are not always available on live TV, many times they are stored on HBO or Straz or On Demand.  Shows that already have been watched or paused have a indicator on the program line or under the program in the group.....I would hope Contour1 has some of these features.  As I've said before, I cannot isolate (make invisible) the 2 DVRs from each other, like I think Contour1 has this feature in the Settings.  The cloud recording requires a very good WiFi....but, you never loose your stored shows....I read where users have 50% or more of their DVR's full...and loose everything when they download.

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    I searched and found a few comparisons via video:  contour 1 vs contour 2 side-by-side compare.

    It'd be consuming...if not exhausting, as EK compare with mouse clicks.  However, you could compare each against a list of what you want.  For example, if you want specific apps, create a list of the specific apps and compare each IPG to your list.

    Another consideration, which could save time, is what receivers are available in your market.  For example, every time I go to the list of Cox receivers, the page prompts for my zip code (Article not Available to You).  I think it means my choice of receivers is limited in my market.

  • Louie....With the Contour2 remote, there is a button A that  is the TV online a page up/dwn to view various features.  Not sure what the Contour1 remote has.  Make a list of "must have" features, then check the forum searches; post forum questions or even go/send email to the COX website and query.

    Unfortunately there is no exact method for evaluation.  The cost of the update should not be large, except if you have tons of stored shows.  Do some homework and make sure you feel good about any update.  Of course, there could be other reasons why the update experience could make you unhappy because some hidden feature no longer exists.