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Contour 1 On Demand Sorting error for some premium networks.

Hello, not a big deal but I thought I would leave some feedback for a C1 issue.

The program and episode interface sorting is inconsistent for some of the programs listed in the On Demand menu. Usually, when you press the On Demand button on the URC-8820 remote you can then select the premium network that you program is on, (let's say, HBO) and then you can find your program in the list there (Let's say, Game of Thrones) and the list of episodes will appear in the right column. Very clean and easy to navigate.

However, this is not the case for some of the programs in the Anime Network on demand menu -- the episodes are listed on the LEFT column for some of the programs, causing a very ugly/inconsistent experience on Contour 1. You can reproduce this issue by Pressing On Demand, selecting Premium Networks, choosing Anime network, then choose A-B for sorting, then for some of the programs in the list, the episodes will NOT appear in the right-hand column; but rather in the left-hand column. Very tedious to go through the list. 

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