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4 years ago

Contour 1 Omaha Channels

Just went from Motorola/Rovi boxes to Contour 1 because Motorola boxes will no longer be supported.

On the Motorola boxes in Omaha, NE, the box would tune to HD vs SD versions of the channels depending on the channel number entered. So for example, channel 101 - Discovery Science in Omaha - was the SD version of that channel and 1101 was the HD version of that channel.  (Channels above 1000 were the HD versions, the lower channels were the SD versions of those channels.) But on the Contour 1, it lists the 101 as an HD channel, although 1101 is still a valid channel on that box. Does the Contour 1 box just automatically tune to the HD version of the channel (if that channel is available in HD) regardless of which channel number is entered? (In this example 101 vs 1101.)  The reason I ask is when I select a title search result to record on the DVR, it always just lists the 101 channel - not the 1101. So if I let it select the 101 will it still tune to the HD version for the DVR recording? Would both these channel numbers give me the HD version on Contour 1, even though the 101 is the SD version on Motorola/Rovi?


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    The SD channels below 1000 with HD versions were replaced with HD in June, 2018.  In your example, channels 101 and 1101 are now both HD versions of the same content.

    If you try to set only the lower range channel or its higher range equivalent as a favorite or skipped channel, both paired channels will be selected.  An attempt to delete the equivalent channel from favorites or skipped may eventually be successful, at least temporarily, but it could take a while and you're likely to get aggravated before you get it done.  This issue has been discussed several times in this forum.

    If you set a scheduled recording for channel 101, both channels 101 and 1101 will appear in the channel guide as scheduled recordings.  But, it will only count once for your number of available recordings and only the channel you actually selected will be recorded.  If you try to cancel the recording by selecting channel 1101, you'ill get the error: "We are currently busy scheduling this recording and cannot stop it. Please try again in a few minutes".  Don't bother trying again.  To cancel the recording, you must select the channel that you originally selected to record, i.e. channel 101.  That will remove the scheduled recording from the guide for both 101 and 1101. 

    You can avoid a lot of confusion by getting in the habit of consistently selecting a paired channel from either the lower range or the higher range.  I would suggest using the lower range because they're first in the channel guide and they're 1 to 3 fewer characters to be entered when keying in a channel number.  Keep it simple.

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       I wish cox would do the same thing for cable card tivo users by mapping HD to the  sd channel number