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4 years ago

Confused about Contour

I have 3 DVRs on separate TVs.  I have been told they will be obsolete very soon and that I had to upgrade to Contour 2. When talking with a rep on the phone, she told me to replace my 3 DVRs with 3 contour 2 boxes and that all could record 2 shows each at a time and all see what it on each box.  Is that correct?  It seems from what I have read that if you are watching one, you can only record another show as each recording or viewing constitutes a tuner.  If correct, if all 3 TVs are on at the same time, can I only record 3 shows throughout the whole house at the same time  Also, what is the difference between a Contour 2 box and a "Client" box?  

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