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Company sends faulty equipment then charges me 75 to replace non working boxes, isn't this illegal and fraud?


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    75$ would have included repairs to your house wiring, replacement cables, splitters, etc, If ALL that was done was a swap of the cable box, then you wouldn't have been charged 75$.

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    I have had to replace my contour box 8 times in the last two years. Spent countless hours on the phone, online chat, ant the local store and with two different service technicians in my house. No one can fix them or anything in my wiring-they just say the box needs replacing. I’ve never experienced anything close to how terrible their service is. The monthly cost is bad enough, but on top of that you have to replace the equipment like it’s made by monkeys. I’d switch in a nano second if there was an alternative in my area. 

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      I'm really sorry for the difficulties here. Having that many replacement boxes is certainly extreme. Please email us the physical address and any other pertinent information to with your name and a copy of this forum message. There are other options for us to explore here and I want to help you get this fixed. . -Chris