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5 years ago

Commercial loudness, CALM Act and COVID-19

There is an evil, evil ad running that touts something based on fears of COVID-19 and on top of that, it is super loud. I think it might also be purposely tricking the dialog sound leveling that most equipment has so that (a) it can be loud and (b) as a side-effect the following program material, advertisement or otherwise, is low enough in volume to require a manual adjustment.

I don't understand why an ad like this can run more than once. An automated system must be capable of regulating these disturbances.

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    Hi AQ60polar, Thank you for contacting us. I do apologize that you are having an issue with this particular commercial. I would like to ask a few questions that would assist us with escalating this issue. Can you confirm if the TV has common volume leveling technologies, including TruVolume, Dynamic Volume, or Dolby volume? Also, Is there a secondary audio device, such as a soundbar, connected to the cable receiver? -Xavier
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    probably because the vendor has paid for "x" amount of showings for the add. i agree, seeing the same add a minute apart is something i would complain about if i were the one paying for the commercial.