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4 years ago

Come on cox...

I really like being able to skip a couple of seconds. DirecTV has that feature along with many more that wouldn't be hard to add and would make the viewing experience that much better. Like being able to turn your TV on and rewind it to watch the show. Or even being able to rewind when your watching dvr and want to watch the show on TV but you can't cause you can't rewind it. I don't like that you have to hit exit to get out of info. You don't have enough TV buttons on the remote where you can do basic functions, like changing the input, or putting on a timer. You have to push too many buttons to get to your drv. Why isn't there a button? I have more. Let me know. 

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    Welcome to the forums.  Do you have a question someone here might be able to help with?

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    look at the remote, most buttons are self explanatory or you could read the dvr manual!!