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5 years ago

cloud base Dvr horrible

We’ve had issues since day one lose sound skipping and stopping picture or goes off entirely we’ve had four techs out 4 routers exchanged nothing has improved one of the techs mentioned cox is aware of the issues and have no clue how to fix it and tell the techs to swap things out just to try to please the customer I as others on this thread will be not renewing this service once the contract is up 

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  • Hello Laquintabob,

    We absolutely want to keep you connected to the video, audio, and DVR recordings. I understand you've had several appointments completed to work on the issues. Please email us at with your account information and a link to this forums in the message. Are the picture and audio issues happening for you off and on on all receivers in the home, and what error message is popping up on the screen when attempting to access your DVR recordings?

    Cox Forums Support Moderator