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5 years ago

Closed caption while viewing Settings menus

I cannot read or use the Settings menus because the Closed Caption text over-writes the Settings. Unbelievable thoughtlessness. Do NOT write Closed Caption text to the screen when we are using any Settings menus. Thanks.

Secondly, cannot read the program details in the Guide because, again, the Closed Caption text over-writes the details. Great job, guys.

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    I understand you may need closed captioning if you're unable to hear, but if you don't want it blocking your view, why don't you just turn it off?

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     What remote do you have?  Sometimes there are shortcuts.

    For example, I have the XR11-RF.  (It's hard to read its model number because it's stamped with tiny, white font over gray on the rear-bottom of the remote.)

    On this remote, I press the B button and it takes me to the Accessibility Settings.  The top option is CC.

    However, if I quickly press the B button if I were double-clicking a computer'll bypass the menu page (Accessibility Settings) altogether and only turn CC on or off.  You'll have to practice the "double click" to perfect it.