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5 years ago

Channel Request: Newsmax & One America News (OAN)

This is a request for both the channels above to be added to the COX channel line-up. I see requests dating back years for OAN to be added, but it appears COX has been ignoring these requests. Needs to be noted that other providers are making these available: Newsmax - Xfinity, DirecTV, U-Verse, DISH, FiOS, Spectrum etc. ; OAN - DirecTV, U-Verse, FiOS, PRISM. Disappointing that COX is lagging behind all the major carriers. 

COX, kindly add the channel(s) and be competitive.

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    Hi PaulN, I have placed a request to have NewsMax and One America News Network added to your channel lineup in the future. We appreciate your feedback, and we value your devotion to our products and services. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I'm switching back to FiOs if One America News is not offered on COX.....soon, very soon!

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        Thanks for your post, Libertarian! I've submitted a channel request on your behalf. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    I would love to have a Cox bundle, but until they get One American News there's no way I can leave Directv. The Cox bundle would save me money but the wife just says no, not until they get One American News Network. I and others have been working on Cox for 3 years no success. It's always the same answer they put in a request.