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4 years ago

Channel 323 showing xmas episodes from old shows??

I saw an add for a channel 323 that was showing xmas episodes from old classic shows, but on my cable this is an outdoor channel.  Maybe I misheard the add?  Anyone have any ideas??


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  • Hello Oldie but Goodie,

    If you happen to have a link to the ad in question, we can look into that for you. I can share a PDF for your your Cox TV Guide: Freeform channel 19 has Christmas movies going on right now, though I'm not sure what channel would broadcast old classic shows. Perhaps you may find the show you're looking for utilizing the guide feature to search for the particular show to see if it's found.

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  • Alas, it was an ad briefly displayed without any link included.  TV Land seems to be the closest fit, but they are not offering up Xmas episodes as of yet. Oh well!