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7 years ago

Changing channels

My TV is set to CNN... when I go to the Guide and select most other channels, I see a screen that states the following:

"Sorry, we're having trouble. This program is not available at the moment. Please select another program and try this one later." Then the TV returns back to CNN. 

How can I repair the problem?

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  • Hi Switching,

    It sounds like a possible signal issue. If the cable signal getting to the receiver isn't as strong as it needs to be, lots of odd symptoms can occur. Make sure all the cable connections to the cable box are finger-tight. Are there any splitters on the coax connection from the cable box to the outlet? If so, bypass the splitter temporarily and connect the cable box directly to the outlet. Then, reset the cable box by unplugging the power for 10 seconds and plugging it back in, and then give it time to complete its reset cycle. If this doesn't restore all your channels, please email our team at Be sure to include your full name, address, and a link to this page in your email. We'll get to the bottom of this for you!