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Hi, I'm writing because I am very concerned about censorship, especially when I haven't requested it. My issue as of June 2, 2020: I have been taping (DVR) News shows, namely CBS & Fox News; I like looking at different channels to FORM MY OWN OPINION of what's going on in the world. I've been doing it for months now, but for whatever reason, my DVR would NOT tape Fox News & continue taping CBS. I went to the online chat & the person did what they are being told to do by "Rebooting" the tv & box. To my dismay, it was still not recording, or even allow me to go back to see something I missed. I'm finding this to be a bit suspicious, especially today with everything that's been going on. I'm NOT down with censorship when I need to be informed! Has anyone else found this to be problem?

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    We want to keep you connected and find a solution to the DVR issues you're seeing. I understand that the DVR box was reset already. What error are you getting when attempting to record any program right now. A representative was able to submit a ticket to our back office support after the steps didn't resolve your issue. This would appear to be a technical issue that needs to be addressed, and we want to find a solution. There isn't a declared outage in your area, though the DVR box is reporting no signal levels right now. When you're home, please unplug the power to the receiver for about 20 seconds. Once you're back online, check channels and attempt to program a recording.

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      As far as HDCP, I'll assume, what's the difference between CBS and Fox News on cable TV?