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4 years ago

Can I get Contour 1 boxes with ultimate cable package?

We got Contour 2 with ultimate tv and really dislike the functionality. While the old Contour 1 could forget to record once in a while or would not playback a dvr recording sometime, operationally it was superior. 

We liked the guide layout way more, single press last button, not having to press enter when entering channel number, live rewind on both channels when switching back and forth, better hdmi output quality ( that one is really sad to see - worse picture with newer boxes ) and an easier to use remote.

The store was unable to give us Contour 1, they got a hard stop on their system when they tried. Calling was frustrating - talking for thirty minutes and then a promise of a call back that never happens!

Is this really so impossible to accommodate customers? Hilariously enough, no. We just have to pay way more money ($ 100/ month more) and then we can have Contour 1 back but not with the gold duo plan.

What is wrong with this picture? Is Cox really going to tell me that they pay less for the channels if the customers use Contour 2?

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    Hi @Somewhere_In_OC,

    We can understand your preference for Contour 1. You may want to set up a technician appointment, to see if a technician will be able to switch your boxes out to a Contour 1 boxes. There is no guarantee but you can definitely try.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Thank you Ben, are you saying technician can override contractual issue? There is no technical reason Contour 1 will not work at my house, it used to before. The issue is the computer program not allowing Contour 1 and promotional pricing together. 

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        @Somewhere_In_OC, I recommend sending us an email with your full name and address to so we can review and discuss account specifics. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.