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5 years ago

Cable box conversion

I currently have multiple Motorola HD DVRs installed.  Controlling those boxes is an IR transmitter system hard coded with the control codes for the Motorola boxes from Cox. The IR system is integrated with an automation system.

Now that we are required by Cox to upgrade the boxes or lose service, do the Contour 1 boxes from Cisco use the same remote codes as the Motorola equipment or can they be made to do so? If no, what HD DVR options exist from Cox that will use the Motorola remote codes.  Thank you.

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  • drpepper....I too was forced (told equip was obsolete and a remote to one was failing) to update my 2 older Motorola DVRs.  I was given a host machine and a separate client machine that would have allowed viewing on the client, all the shows stored on the host DVR.  I really wanted 2 separate DVR, thinking I could still isolate my grandkids DVR from my family room DVR.  Well this concept doesn't quite work like the old 2 DVR system.  Their DVR can see all the scheduled Shows on both DVR menus.  Every once in a while, shows initiated on one, appear recorded on the other.  The Contour2 box cannot "isolate one box from the other."  There is no settings option like the one on a Contour1 box...verified by CurtB, I believe.  The interface and Menu Guides and setup is quite different from the old DVR and there are lots of changes from the old DVR to a newer Contour, whether you use a host/client system or 2 independent DVR Contour, like mine.  I'm too lazy to switch, mostly because I already have shows recorded but not watched.

    I also received a 2record machine, so there are times when time conflict can occur...I haven't experimented with this feature too much, especially about what happens when the 2 DVRs try to record 3 or more shows at the same time....I suspect the same as what we had with the old DVR...a message that you cannot record 2 shows, and watch a different live channel.

    As to the IR machine codes for the box and TV.  You will receive a new remote (possibly the voice XR11-RF.  The old DVR remote may/will not work...and you wouldn't want that anyway.  The TV/Receiver codes could be different so read the document that list the IR hardware.  My Samsung TV changed, because I forgot to acquire the new number.

    There has been some recent Forum discussions on Contour1 vs Contour2...

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      C2 can isolate the shows recorded on each box. There is an option in the Contour Saved Menu. In both the "recordings" and "scheduled" tabs. You'll see an option at the top which says "Recorded on:" if you want to hide your recordings from the kids' box then you can do so

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        viperthunder2...thanks for your response...don't get me wrong, the "recorded on" pull down kinda works, but I still find some issues.  This pull down appeared sometime last year and has helped isolate ours and the kids DVR's..identified as Family and Office in each DVRs settings, however..

        - when shows are recorded on the specific DVR, most of the time they appear under the respective identifier

        - show are stored under the either fam/off only on the specific DVR.  If I go physically to the Office DVR, I sometimes see files from Family, but these are actually stored on the physical Office DVR in a folder called Family.  In other words, one DVR cannot physically see the stuff stored on the other can only see whats in the 2 folders that are on that specific machine.

        - the scheduled tab DOES show ALL the shows that are being scheduled on both machines, however after recording, the shows only appear on ONE machine....most (95%+) of the time you get the correct recording on the correct machine.  Seems like if there is a record time conflict, you could get the other DVR to record files onto the 2nd DVR and store the actual files into the correct named folder.  The multiple DVR system does not act like a Host/client setup....I have 2 of the same DVR, that I was attempting to mimic my old 2DVR setup.

        - so if you really didn't want the other machine to NOT see the stuff you record on your machine, there is no way to isolate the Schedule appears on both devices.  For me its not a problems because I don't have record anything that the other machine should not see....except I see this issue.

        -Contour1 had an settings that allowed one to isolate a machine from the least that's what the words say....have never heard anyone say if this works.  I probably should convert to a Host/client setup but would require viewing all the shows prior to exchanging.

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    Thanks for the helpful info ekhawaii as I am trying to understand difference between Contour 1 and 2.  

    My primary concern remains the IR machine codes for the Contour boxes.  Am trying to find a Cox cable box that uses the Motorola codes so my existing automation system can continue to control the boxes.  Not able to use the hand held remotes as boxes are located in a closet.

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      Contributor say that your DVR is in the closet and you do not use the remote to change features or channels....mmm, this could be tricky. I'm not sure what an existing automation system is or how it functions.  You can download the setup manuals for each DVR and see if the setup codes are what you are looking for.  When you get a new box, I'm not sure if the old remote will work on it either, but since you don't use the remote....??

      For the past few days, there has been a contour1 vs contour2 discussion in the forum.  Also, search the forums for answers, or contact COX.