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5 years ago

Blue display is horrible

Can the display on the contour box be changed?  The time currently shows in blue and it is very difficult to see.  I can’t even tell the time from 4 ft away, looks to be an issue for some time now. Shocked that it hasn’t been addressed.   Thanks.

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    @devildawg77, the display panel on the front of the receiver cannot be changed. Has the clock always been problematic? If so, I would recommend swapping the receiver out for another one. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      Hi, Kevin.  I experience the same issue devildawg77 referenced, though not to the same degree.  I understand the color of the display can't be changed and there's nothing wrong with the clock.  But, some people have difficulty focusing on the blue on black color contrast of the clock display.  There's really nothing to be done other than try to get a different model DVR when the one I currently have has to be replaced.

  • I have the Cotour2, with voice remote, max 2 record box.  My digital clock is White with the Face background in Black and is located on the far Left side.  The Power On circle indicator, to the  far Right is in a lighted Blue circular color.  To change the White digital clock Brightness (from off to 1-3), I can go to the Contour button, the gear setting on the far right, scroll down to Device Settings, to Device Lights and then to Clock Brightness.  Just tap the remotes accept button to scroll the White clock's brightness for Contour2....however, the Contour 1 boxes or the older DVR's or even a 6 record box may differ....

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      ekhawaii, Brightness really isn't my issue.  It's the color contrast.  If Cox developers could just code a software update to replace a hardware component part in my DVR... that would be a good trick. 😉 

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        CurtB...are you saying your DVR digital clock is a Blue-ish color (and cannot be adjusted thru the Gear Settings?). Is your Circlular Power image button on the Right side also Blue-ish..I believe you had said yours is Contour1?  My digital clock is definitely White with contrast brightness adjustable from 1 to 3 or Off.  Different DVR's may have a changed face.