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Billed for mini box I don’t have

I had Countour installed December 1st with a DVR and one Mini Box. On my first bill I was charged for 2 Mini Boxes and a DVR. I called  and talked to a rep. I was told the extra box was removed. The cost for the extra box was removed from my bill. I just received this months bill and I’m still being charged for the extra box. How do I get the extra Mini Box removed from my account?

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  • Hi Bmloff,

    I apologize for the experience and would love the opportunity to investigate this for you. Please send your name and address (account details) to so that I can help. Be sure to include a link to this page. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Are you on auto-pay?

    There is a lag in the system. If you discontinue some service, or they remove some erroneous monthly billing, the auto-pay will still go at the same amount for at least one month. You will wind-up with a credit balance.

    Best fix is to temporarily shut off auto pay. You have to CALL a rep to do so, you CANNOT do it online!

    It is like pulling teeth to get them to admit to this. They tried to tell me that a partial-month credit for discontinued TV service would reverse the extra amount being billed on the auto-pay.

    No, it was a partial-month credit. They were going to go ahead and bill me on auto-pay for service that I no longer have.

    MAYBE after my next billing cycle, they would have credited me for the over-payment on auto-pay for service I no longer have.

    My next bill, I will pay by check, once I have verified accuracy, as I have managed to shut-off auto pay, after the usual long wait on the phone.