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5 years ago

Automatic reduced or widen picture when viewing On Demand, why?

Why is the picture automatically reduced or widen when watching On Demand? I purchased a 60" TV for a larger screen, not for a reduced size picture.

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    Your TV is adjusting the image (reduced, widened) due to the aspect ratio of the film.  There are 2 types of aspect ratios:  TV and Cinema.  The international standard format of HDTV is 16 × 9; however, there is no standard for cinema.  The only criterion for cinema is the director's creativity.  If a production is made for TV, it's agreed to frame it as 16 × 9.

    When a director films in 1.85:1 (Cinema Widescreen), 2:1 (Univisium) or 2.4:1 (Anamorphic); your 16:9 screen has to either crop, matt, stretch or scale the image to best fit your screen.  If the film is on disc, sometimes the production company will do this for you but either way, it's not the same ratio...or even the same complete movie set...of the original cinematic production.

    On your 60" screen, you'll only see a larger image of the film in its aspect ratio.  You could buy a 120" screen and the image still be cropped, matted, stretched or scaled.  Aspect ratio has nothing to do with surface area.  HDTV vs Cinema is just 2 different rectangular shapes.