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7 years ago

Automatic equipment upgrades/Cox Customer Service is TERRIBLE

I subscribed to Contour TV Ultimate - 4 Premiums & Record 6 250+ channels 2 1/2 years ago, however Cox has added features since then and I still have my old equipment. Why does Cox not setup legacy customers who are subscribed to high end services for automatic equipment upgrades, or at least make some kind of effort to make sure current customers get the same type of equipment that new subscribers to the same service. This is not limited to Contour TV but, I'm subscribed to the highest internet speed Cox offers and I pay for the premium modem yet I don't have the newest equipment. I have asked this question several times through chat, phone and personal conversations with Cox CS representative's and technicians without receiving a clear answer. Unfortunately we don't have a choice between cable companies, we are stuck with whatever provider services the area you live in, which in my opinion the FCC/Government should step in and change this awful situation. I moved from a Bright House serviced area to a Cox serviced area, had I had the option to transfer and stay with Bright House verses switching to Cox I would have definitely stay with Bright House (Now Spectrum). I absolutely hate Cox, again unfortunately I'm forced to use them because i prefer high speed cable internet over any other options!

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    I can certainly understand wanted notifications on updates. We do send out information regarding new products and services through billing inserts and mailers. Our website also contains up to date information regarding any upgrades that have happened. You can also reach out to us here for information.