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6 years ago

Audio Drops

We have been experiencing audio dropouts for the last few months in Phoenix.  We have replaced the DVR, and had technicians out to our home 3 times. All the technicians have tried their own tricks and contradict what the other technicians have done and tried.  We were told once that it may be the TV since it was warranty we even replaced it.  We can record one show and it is fine, and the next show on the same channel the audio dropouts are so bad it’s unwatchable. Is anybody else experiencing similar problems.  We have had no issues with picture.  I am thinking that its time to switch back to another provider but looking for any answers before I switch.

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    Do the audio drops only occur with recorded programs?  That would be internal to only the DVR.  I would have suspected and swapped the HDMI cable before the TV.

    Unless there is a common problem with that specific make/model of DVR, I think they reissued you the same box.  Swap for another make/model.  If it happens again, swap the HDMI.

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      The HDMI Cables have been replaced by myself and technicians.  Audio drops on regular programming also but recordings are usually worse than live TV.  The box that they reissued was a different style box than what I had before.

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        Hi KAVH, as I understand it, audio drops out when watching live or recorded content on the TV connected to the host DVR. Do the audio dropouts also occur when watching live or recorded programs on the client receiver? It sounds like the DVR connects to the TV with an HDMI cord, without an audio receiver in the mix. Is this correct? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator