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5 years ago

Audio drops on fox sports and NFL Network between commercial breaks

Been having this happen more often. First noticed after upgrading my mini box to contour. I've only found this on fox sports network and NFL network. Talked to "chat" and they re-set my box, hoping it would fix it, but it happened again less than an hour later. me. baseball and football are my passion.

We have 3 tv's with mini boxes and 1 with contour, and it's the same on all.

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      Are Fox Sports and the NFL Network the only two channels currently impacted? I am including an article which provides information on configuring the Secondary Audio Programming Settings, When SAP is turned on, this can cause audio issues. Please also check to ensure that the HDMI cable is free of damage and in good, working condition. Please feel free to email us at, for additional assistance. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator