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2 years ago

Activating Paramount+ on Contour - Entering Code into fails to redirect to P+

I have a P+ account.
1. I can access P+ just fine on my iPad.
2, I can access P+ just fine on my Dell laptop,
3. I can access P+ just fine using my iPad and Chromecast
4. I can access P+ just fine using my laptop and Chromecast.
5. I can bring up the P+ app on my Cox Contour system on my TV.  
6. I click on the Sign In button.
7. I selected the option to go to to enter the code displayed on my TV.
8. After entering the code, the P+ site says that my account is activated and to return to my Cox device, which is my TV.
9. At that point Cox is supposed to redirect me to the P+ app as a logged on user.  This is where the problem lies. After receiving the message that I am activated, nothing happens on my TV so I cannot use the P+ app on my TV like I do all other streaming services.
10. I have spent a good deal of time on the phone with the Cox customer support people, but to no avail.
11. Could it be just some kind of miscommunication between Cox and P+?  Could it be that Cox is running an outdated version of software?
12, I get same results if I use the username/password option when signing in on Contour.

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    I am curious what version of the app you are running.  Also, have you tried a power cycle of the box? Might need to leave it unplugged for a minuet or two for it to fully reset.

    1. Select the Paramount+ app.
    2. Go to Settings, then Support, then check App Version.
    3. You should now see the latest version of the Paramount+ app displayed.
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    did you get P+ through Cox? If not then you are using the wrong parameters to sign in using the contour box.