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5 years ago


Can't wait to see UVA playing Pittsburgh tonight at 7:30!  Oh wait, I WON'T get to see it because OVERPRICED COX  is STILL "negotiating" with ACCN!!! But I could watch Georgia Southern play LSU on the SEC network which OVERPRICED COX DOES carry!! OH WOW!!!!!  What an awesome tradeoff........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DirecTV is looking better and better!!!!!  And it's CHEAPER!!!  Guess OVERPRICED COX doesn't care if it loses customers that have been with them for THIRTY PLUS YEARS!!! 

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    I agree with pharaohpjf.  I’m a big UVA sports fan and LONG TIME Cox Cable customer.  I guess DirectTV is my answer. Didn’t expect this.

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    Hello, we do care about our customers, and we do value loyalty. Cox negotiates fiercely to ensure that our prices don’t increase and remain fair. Additionally, we work hard to keep these costs as low as possible and to negotiate the best prices for our customers. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator