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5 years ago


I am shocked at Cox for their lack of bringing the ACCN to their channel line up. With all of the hype that Virginia Schools football and basketball bring to the state I would think that Cox would realize the value of them signing a contract. There are many alumni students from Virginia universities that fell in love with Virginia and have made this state their home and now they are being denied the opportunity to watch their teams in action. I like many enjoy watching both football and basketball and will have to seriously think about changing providers due to Cox’s inability to move forward with securing a contract. I realize that Cox has an obligation to negotiate the best possible deal for the benefit of all but they might force me to leave. There is no better conference then the ACC and to be denied this opportunity I am astonished. Bring the ACCN to Virginia!!!!!

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  • Hi Jo-Anne, Cox is negotiating with ESPN for the ACC Network. We hope to have more information soon. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      It is hard to believe that an organization that promotes customer care would let the launch of the ACCN happen while being mum on the subject.  Why has there been no official statement or meaningful communications.  If you cared you would have at least communicated.    

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    I 100% agree and am looking at other options.  I hope COX can make this deal happen because I for one will go elsewhere.  We pay too much money to not be able to watch a local game.  There are so many cheaper options out there.