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5 years ago

ACC Network??

So I would like to know the current state of negotiations between Cox and ESPN. Before I drop Cox and pick up Direct TV once again, I'd like to know if Cox is or isn't going to carry the ACCN. Just tell us yes or no so we can get on with it!!

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    There are currently no updates we can provide to the general public at this time. While we cannot guarantee that the ACC Network will be added to your channel lineup in the future, we are certainly advocating on our customers' behalf. Cox is also committed to providing alternative viewing options, and many of the ACC games will be aired on CBS, ESPN, and ABC. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      so myself and others are paying for what? Only reason I added espn3 package in prior years was to beable to watch acc football, basketball, baseball, etc that were not available on abc, cbs, fox, etc. MEH to your answer.