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5 years ago

ACC Network

Please pass along that if Cox does not offer the ACC network in the next month then I'm going with Verizon.  Have been a Cox customer for over 30 yrs.  This I is not an idle threat.  Cannot with ACC football or basketball.  A big Duke basketball.

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    Cox has spoken.  I'm not going to wait another day let alone a month.  YouTube tv for me.  I'll also switch internet ax soon as possible.

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    Hi Dmz616, we value your devotion of over 30 years to the Cox family. Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN to have the ACC Network added to our channel lineup. In the process, we hope an agreement can be reached that does not burden our customers with excessive price increases. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the ACC Network will be a part of Cox’s channel line-up next month. However, we will be offering alternative viewing options; ABC, CBS, and ESPN will still air many games featuring ACC teams. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator