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5 years ago

ACC Network

Please add the ACC Network soon. I was advised by a cox representative several months ago that Cox would carry the ACC Network that's why I have been paying for the sports packages. I am not a SEC fan, but yet we have the SEC Network. There are a lot of FSU fans in the area I live so we are fans of the ACC. Please add the ACC Network or I see no reason to pay the extra money. 

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    Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN for the ACC Network.

    Jonathan J
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      Well you better be actively negotiating a loss of revenue when all of us ACC folks tell Cox to cancel our subscriptions!  I've already looked at HULU and DirecTV, BOTH carry the ACCN!! 

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    Hey Cox - Suggest you get ACC network before Saturday's ACC kickoffs for UVA and VaTech.  .  If not I'm FIOS bound....I've been paying out the backside for too long to miss out on what should be  a no brainer.  

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      Hello BR45678 and thanks for the suggestion. Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN for carriage of the ACC Network on our channel lineup. Thanks. Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.