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5 years ago

acc network

Really will be a shame after having Cox for over 10yrs to have to cancel to direct TV b/c y'all will not ad in the state of Virginia!

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    Cox is actively negotiating with ESPN for the ACC Network.
    Many ACC games will be broadcast on ABC, CBS, and ESPN. Check local listings for availability.

    Jonathan J
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      That may be true but UVA plays on the accnetwork! cox needs to get the acc network. why would one emp of cox tell me it will go live 8/31/19 at 7pm then another say they don't know......>? 

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      Well guess what buckaroo, looks like none of your channels will carry the Hoos or the Hokies! I've had Cox for over THIRTY YEARS!  I pay over $200 a month so it's not like you people aren't making a fortune off of us!  How many customers are you willing to lose over this? You do know HULU and DirecTV carry and ACCN and are cheaper than you folks!  Think about that for a while!