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6 years ago

ABC, NBC and CBS only Signal Interference

I have signal interference only on ABC, NBC and CBS, both HD and SD. All other channels are fine. It gets better when I plug in the ac into my stand alone telephone modem, but degrades later in the day. Just disconnecting the modem ac and RF cables, does not help.  I do not understand why only ABC, CBS and NBC are affected.  I do not understand why a phone modem reboot helps for a while. Can someone help with a potential cause and solution?

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  • Hi Ronm,

    When did you start to notice an issue with the signal to these three channels, and do you have a splitter or a signal amplifier attached to the coaxial cable in the home? We can take a look at this issue for you if you'd like. Please email us at with your name and address and include a link to this forum thread and we can investigate this for you.