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5 years ago

A new option appeared on Contour 2, Saved/Scheduled/Recorded On:....Great!, However....

I see this appeared yesterday that will now allow Scheduling shows onto a "Recorded On"....this allows me to now select: All Devices or my 2 other choices of Family Room or Media Room.  I have 2 separate upgraded DVR connected to individual TVs that previously allowed me to program the kids and the family TV, completely independently without each seeing the other.  Now, Contour shows Scheduled shows on both screens, and any activity (like cancel) appears on both.

This new item must be meant for multiple DVR people like me, because a single Host and multi Client Whole house TV system would not require this option.  HOWEVER, I don't think I can assign Family Room to one TV's scheduled shows, and the other scheduled shows to the Media Room (kids).  Since both currently now appear on a common display screen, I may have to Cancel all the shows, re-identify each to their own room, then process recording to the correct machines.  I'm guessing that this is not going to work.  So how does COX intend this new function to work.  Is it blasted out to everyone or just SoCal or less.

What would be nice if that I can go down the Scheduled list or during using the Record button, to select a unique "Recorded On machine."  Currently the Record On option only appears when looking at the Saved/Scheduled display panel.  Wait, Now I also see it listed under Saved/Recordings....WHAT is this for, is it like a filter.

Anyway, thanks COX for an progress in trying to address this issue, although I feel that something is still missing.  Will have to play with it or wait for your Comments.

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  • Another observation about this totally new Recorded On: option or actually an indicator that is showing up under Save.  I currently have a list of shows scheduled to be recorded.  Most are individually created using the Guide and also probably not choosing a Series record.  I see that if I change the Recorded On choice between Family and Media Room, different shows appear on the list.  My question is: since I still cannot select which DVR device that will actually record to, how did these different show appear under each rooms DVR.  Maybe since the item is new, and my list was old, the COX system just randomly distributed it.  COX, you got any comments?  I will actually have to wait and see if the shows record on the specific DVR, even if I cannot control the location....sure would be nice for us multiple DVR Host machines users.

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      These options are only available for someone with multiple host dvr's like yourself. It allows control over which dvr will actually record a program or both if needed (in case you wanted a 2nd/backup copy). Without using this feature, the recording would typically be recorded to whichever host box has the most space available. I haven't had a chance to experience/test this feature myself yet as I do not have multiple host dvr's, so I cannot comment on your specific questions at this time.

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        Thanks BrianM, so this is only available to multiple DVR like me.  It's a start! So How do users request this feature, or is it automatic programed.  I wondered why I got no other responses.

        You said "typically be recorded to whichever host box has the most space available" that true?

        Finally, I see the "Recorded On" appearing under the Recordings and also Scheduled BUT there is actually no way to actually tell the DVRs to record on the specific DVR....either thru an selection toggle, or doing a physical record on the specific DVR.  Either would be GREAT!..However, I'm guessing that this new item is just an indicator, and was not intended to maybe be a future working tool....SAD! you guys at COX could do better, because the old DVR work to allow this separate record function.  What do the COX software people tell you about what this item was supposed to do and it's future development.