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5 years ago

4k programming??

Cox, when are you going to catch up to 2019? When are you bringing 4k channels to cable lineup?? Your competitors are already broadcasting Fox Sports 4k programming....

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    The FOX Sports app, FOX NOW app, Apple TV and Roku are Internet-streaming services.  It's content from the Internet.

    Channels get tricky.  As far as I know, Cox doesn't provide, dedicate or own a 4K CATV channel.  Since some competitors do have one, Fox Sports used 'em to distribute the World Series in 4K.

    The thing about a dedicated 4K channel is there is nothing to air...except special events.  There is also nothing "live" on a 4K channel because no networks broadcast in 4K...except special events.

    Outside of special events, Cox would have to pay a 4K-content provider to fill the time on this channel...or connect a Blu-ray player to loop a movie all day.  It would just be filler programming; however, if you have a 4K TV, it'd be kinda cool from time-to-time.

    Should Cox dedicate a 4K channel...would Cox increase our bills...does Cox have the we really need some of these *** channels?

    I've never heard of TVision and fuboTV, so they must be quite small.

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    Hello, to date, there are no broadcast or cable networks producing 4K content. Some streaming apps do produce 4K content, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Both of these apps are available to stream through our Wireless 4K Contour Stream Players. Cox will continue to explore areas where new technology provides additional value to our customers. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    Fox and ESPN are showing a few sporting events in 4K. If you have a  4k apple TV you can download the FOX Sports app and then plug cox in as your provider and watch a few NFL games in 4k. Directv also rebroadcast these in 4k where available, if you have proper equipment.

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      So again Cox's competitors are broadcasting in 4k, DirecTV. If you want to have a dedicated 4k channel that shows a grey screen with the words "No 4k broadcast available" when there is no 4k content thats fine. Or just color bars. But seriously give us something COX. 

      But I don't think you can use COX credentials on the apple tv for the fox app to stream the 4k fox sports content. I think you need a Directv account to do this...

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        Cox's competitors are broadcasting in 4k

        Wow...that's a game-changer!  I'm outta here, Cox!

        But it's untrue, technically.

        TV providers (Cox, DirecTV, fuboTV) don't broadcast:  they provide.  The terrestrial networks (aka the "Big Three" (although there are over 50 terrestrials) still broadcast over-the-air to your TV antenna.  Most people, however, get their television via a wire.

        Although some providers do broadcast what they provide via satellite signals, the term gets skewed.  The Big-3 started out broadcasting, still broadcast and now satellite providers broadcast.  "Over-the-air" is now the retronym for "broadcasting" because broadcasts now means original programming via a wire.

        If Cox offered a 4K channel, what programming would they provide?  99.9% of the time, it would just be filler like uninteresting documentaries, older movies and unknown teams.  The only interesting content would be popular games and the latest movies on the premium channels but as you noted for the World Series, there'd be some negotiations to get that content piped onto the dedicated 4K channel ($$$).

        Offering some 4K content is definitely a start, but we're in the pioneering days of a satisfying experience.  Then again, we're talking about cable companies:  coaxial, congestion, high compression and cheesy cable boxes.  4K is one thing but 4K with butchered high-dynamic range is another.

        Anyway, "...competitors broadcasting in 4K..." assumes a lot.